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50 Evony Coins $5 USD
Bonus value:$0 USD

1550 Evony Coins $120 USD
Bonus value:$72 USD

105 Evony Coins $10 USD
Bonus value:$0 USD

2030 Evony Coins $150 USD
Bonus value:$90 USD

215 Evony Coins $20 USD
Bonus value:$0 USD

4400 Evony Coins $300 USD
Bonus value:$180 USD

330 Evony Coins $30 USD
Bonus value:$18 USD

7700 Evony Coins $500 USD
Bonus value:$288 USD

690 Evony Coins $60 USD
Bonus value:$36 USD

17000 Evony Coins $1000 USD
Bonus value:$1800 USD

1090 Evony Coins $90 USD
Bonus value:$54 USD

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What are the bonuses I’ll receive?
Bonus 1:  Amulets! ( of purchase)
Bonus 2: AutoCents Bonus  Cents! ( of purchase)
Bonus 3: Renewal Bonus  Cents! ( of purchase)

Terms and Conditions
BONUSES: I understand that I will be accessing three different types of bonuses in the AutoCents program. Those bonuses are:
Bonus 1: I will receive the normal purchase amount of cents and this bonus immediately after I successfully purchase and participate in this program.
Bonus 2: I will receive this daily, however I understand that I need to claim from the Gift Box at the top left of your screen.
Bonus 3: I will receive this on the day of my AutoCents renewal. I will also receive any remaining balance from Bonus 2 outstanding.

RENEWAL: The AutoCents program renews every days automatically at which time I understand I will be charged unless I cancel the renewal. For each consecutive renewal, it will offer the same bonuses of the original AutoCents program, and that it will operate under the same rules as above.

CANCELLATION: I understand that to cancel and terminate my participation in the AutoCents program that I need to cancel before the next renewal period. To cancel, all I need to do is cancel this subscription through my PayPal or Moneybookers account before the next renewal period. Once I have terminated my participation in the AutoCents program by cancelling this subscription, I will no longer be able to obtain any benefits of the AutoCents program (including bonus 2 and bonus 3).

OTHER BONUS PACKAGES: I understand that joining the AutoCents program, I am excluded from any other bonuses or packages available.

EVONY HAPPINESS PACKAGE AND VESTA'S BLESSING ITEM: Both Normal and Autocents purchases are eligible for the Evony Happiness Package and Special Evony Happiness Chest. This bonus is separate to the AutoCents program and is valid for purchases/renewals from now. AutoCents program members who do not purchase or renew during this period are excluded from this package. Pay attention that you can send gifts to your friends when renew the AutoCents program.

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Secure Payment
Billing and payment information through Credit Card are processed by the payment gateway only and will not be disclosed to the merchant or any third parties.

Refund Policy
Orders are processed and dispensed instantly and automatically when payment is submitted. Users agree that once payment is successfully submitted, no refund will be granted and user will receive the purchased digital item.

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